AI, Smartphones, Internet and Human Beings.

AI, Smartphones, Internet and Human Beings.

It is found that the human beings are loosing their mental ability day by day because of excessive use of Mobile phones, Internet and electronic stuffs.

According to science, when we engage our mind in some physical activities which is more or less a workout for our whole body, the brain cell grows faster and work with more efficiency. But, Using an alternative approach, where we don't need to strain our brain , is real danger for human beings.

Welcome to the era of Artificial intelligence. You don't need to pressure on your small mind to remember some events date or the phone number of your friends. You don't need to go outside for vegetables and household items. Ahh! There is also a perfect alternative of Physical Games . "Alexa, Turn the AC on please" 😅.

If you're enjoying your teenagers life or if you belong to big daddy(rich) family then congratulations you are going to become dumbass because of your mobile phone savvy habits. Smart phone is the best example of both sides of coin. If you're mature and responsible then you will use the smartphone in right manner but it if you're in one of those which I have mentioned above , You will destroy your life for sure.

There are tons of stuff that can make your mind, your body dumb. As for examples OTT platform, Social Media more precisely Twitter and Instagram.

According to CDC, The main cause of obesity is smartphone because now days people are showing their interest to order food frequently and enjoying their whole day with web series. C'mon Guys, What are you doing? you have your pretty hands not just your index and thumb finger to control smartphone. Go outside, take some food , cook it and then eat. It's all yours.

We have to understand it. Currently, we're living in most suitable environment for the human beings. We have technology, Modern gadgets to make our life easier but on the other hand we are drastically losing the physical and social involvement.

With the time we need to accelerate our lazy mind and encourage ourselves to do at least those work that can make good impression in society. that's enough I think...😅

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